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Synonyms of patriotic in English:


  • 1 a patriotic show of support
    nationalist, nationalistic, loyalist, loyal;
    chauvinistic, jingoistic, flag-waving
    [Antonyms] traitorous
  • Reflections


    Patriotic and unpatriotic are words that carry so much emotional baggage that they should be used only after considerable reflection. A patriot loves his homeland and is willing to defend it against enemies. But these days patriotic often implies a blustery, unthinking, my country-right-or-wrong nationalism. As people used to say in the 1960s, the word has been co-opted and has become a crude means of provoking an almost Pavlovian twitch response. For example, if you don't agree with whatever the United States undertakes, especially in foreign affairs or military operations, you may be vilified as unpatriotic, i.e., cowardly, unworthy of being an American, and possibly traitorous. Yet turn around and the flag-wavingly patriotic are pitied as little more than dupes of the government or victims of jingoistic brainwashing. Furthering the confusion, every extremist cadre in the world employs the rhetoric of patriotism to recruit its members and maintain their allegiance. Thus, to some a patriot suggests a crude and belligerent fanatic, while to others he is a loyal-to-the-death defender of his country's traditions and values. Sometimes only God can distinguish the one from the other. Whatever the case, patriotic and unpatriotic are always fighting words, and usually bullying ones too.
    Michael Dirda
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