Synonyms of pay in English:



  • 1 I want to pay him for his work
    reward, reimburse, recompense, give payment to, remunerate
  • 2 Tom must pay a few more dollars
    spend, expend, pay out, dish out, disburse
    informal lay out, shell out, fork out, cough up
    ante up, pony up
  • 3 he paid his debts
  • 4 hard work will pay dividends
    yield, return, produce
  • 5 he made the buses pay
    be profitable, make money, make a profit
  • 6 it doesn't pay to get involved
    be advantageous, be of advantage, be beneficial, benefit
  • 7 paying compliments
    bestow, grant, give, offer
  • 8 he will pay for his mistakes
    suffer, suffer the consequences, be punished, atone, pay the penalty/price
  • noun

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  • 1 equal pay for women
    salary, wages, payment; earnings, remuneration, reimbursement, income, revenue
    formal emolument(s)
  • Phrases

    pay back

  • 1.1 she has sworn to pay him back for his philandering
    get one's revenge on, be revenged on, avenge oneself on, get back at, get even with, settle accounts with, exact retribution on
  • 2.1 they eventually paid back the money
    repay, pay off, give back, return, reimburse, refund
  • pay for

    I'll pay for dinnerfundfinancedefray the cost ofsettle up fortreat someone to informalfoot the bill forshell out forfork out forcough up forante up forpony up for

    pay off

  • 1.1 he was busted for trying to pay off a cop
    bribe, suborn, buy (off)
    informal grease someone's palm
  • 2.1 she paid off the car loan in less than a year
    pay (in full), settle, discharge, clear, liquidate
  • 3.1 his hard work paid off
    meet with success, be successful, be effective, get results
  • pay out

    how much did you have to pay out for that bike?spendexpenddish output uppart withhand over informalshell outfork out/uplay outcough up

    pay up

    you have one more week to pay upmake paymentsettle uppay (in full) informalcough up

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