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Synonyms of people in English:

plural noun

  • 1 crowds of people
    human beings, persons, individuals, humans, mortals, (living) souls, personages, men, women, and children
    informal folks
  • 2 the American people
    citizens, subjects, electors, voters, taxpayers, residents, inhabitants, (general) public, citizenry, nation, population, populace
  • 3 a man of the people
    common people, proletariat, masses, populace, rank and file, commonality, plebeians
    derogatory hoi polloi, rabble, riffraff, (great) unwashed, (common) herd, proles, plebs
    humorous sheeple
    historical third estate
  • 4 her people don't live far away
    family, parents, relatives, relations, folks, kinsmen, kin, kith and kin, kinsfolk, flesh and blood, nearest and dearest
  • 5 the peoples of Africa
    race, (ethnic) group, tribe, clan
  • verb

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  • 1 the Beothuk who once peopled Newfoundland
    formal reside in, be domiciled in, dwell in
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    anthropology the study of people, cultures, and human origins
    ethnic relating to a people who have a common national or cultural tradition
    demotic (of language) used by ordinary people

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