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Synonyms of piece in English:


  • 1 a piece of cheese a piece of wood
    bit, slice, chunk, segment, section, lump, hunk, wedge, slab, block, cake, bar, cube, stick, length;
    offcut, sample, fragment, sliver, splinter, wafer, chip, crumb, scrap, remnant, shred, shard, snippet;
    mouthful, morsel
  • 2 the pieces of a clock
  • 3 a piece of furniture
    item, article, specimen
  • 4 a piece of the profit
    share, portion, slice, quota, part, bit, percentage, amount, quantity, ration, fraction, division
    informal cut
  • 5 pieces from his private collection
    work (of art), creation, production;
  • 6 the reporter who wrote the piece
    article, item, story, report, essay, study, review, composition, column
  • 7 the pieces on a game board
    token, counter, man, disk, chip, marker
  • Choose the right word


    in one piece
  • 1.1 the camera was still in one piece
  • 2.1 I'll bring her back in one piece
    unhurt, uninjured, unscathed, safe, safe and sound
  • in pieces
    the vase was in pieces
    broken, in bits, shattered, smashed
    informal bust, busted, in smithereens
    go/fall to pieces
    he went to pieces when his wife died
    have a breakdown, break down, go out of one's mind, lose control, lose one's head, fall apart
    informal crack up, lose it, come/fall apart at the seams, freak, freak out
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