Synonyms of pit in English:



  • 1 a pit in the ground
    hole, ditch, trench, trough, hollow, excavation, cavity, crater, pothole;
    shaft, mineshaft, sump
  • 2 pit closures
  • 3 the pits in her skin
    pockmark, pock, hollow, indentation, depression, dent, dimple
  • verb

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  • 1 his skin had been pitted by acne
    mark, pockmark, scar, blemish, disfigure
  • 2 raindrops pitted the bare earth
    make holes in, make hollows in, dent, indent
  • Phrases

    pit against

    it's your chance to pit your wits against the world champions
    set against, match against, put in opposition to, put in competition with;
    compete with, contend with, vie with, wrestle with

    the pits

    informal this place is really the pits
    hell, the worst, the lowest of the low, a nightmare;
    rock-bottom, extremely bad, awful, terrible, dreadful, deplorable
    informal appalling, lousy, abysmal

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    Synonyms of pit in English:



  • 1 cherry pits
  • Definition of pit in: