Synonyms of plug in English:



  • 1 she pulled out the plug
    stopper, bung, cork, seal, spile
  • 2 a plug of tobacco
    wad, quid, twist, chew, cake, stick
  • 3 informal a plug for her new book
    advertisement, promotion, commercial, recommendation, mention, good word
    informal hype, push, puff piece, ad, boost, ballyhoo
  • verb

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  • 1 plug the holes
    stop (up), seal (up/off), close (up/off), cork, stopper, bung, block (up/off), fill (up)
  • 2 informal she plugged her new film
    publicize, promote, advertise, mention, bang the drum for, draw attention to
    informal hype (up), push, puff
  • 3 informal don't move or I'll plug you
    shoot, gun down
    informal blast, fill/pump full of lead
  • Phrases

    plug away

    informal he plugged away at his novel, unaware of the day or the timetoillaborslave awaysoldier onperseverepersistkeep on informalslog awaybeaver away

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