Synonyms of pore in English:



  • 1 pores in the skin
    opening, orifice, aperture, hole, outlet, inlet, vent;
    Biology stoma, foramen
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    Synonyms of pore in English:



  • 1 they pored over the map
    study, read intently, peruse, scrutinize, scan, examine, go over
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    pore, pour
    People frequently confuse these two verbs. Pore is used with over or through and means ‘be absorbed in reading something’ ( I spent hours poring over cookbooks), while pour means ‘flow or cause to flow in a steady stream’ ( water poured off the stones; pour the marinade over the pork). As pore is a less common word, people often choose the more familiar pour, producing sentences such as she was pouring over books and studying till midnight. Although increasingly common, this use is incorrect in standard English

    Definition of pore in: