Synonyms of pound in English:



  • 1 the two men pounded him with their fists
    beat, strike, hit, batter, thump, pummel, punch, rain blows on, belabor, hammer, thrash, set on, tear into
  • 2 waves pounded the seafront
    beat against, crash against, batter, dash against, lash, buffet
  • 3 gunships pounded the capital
    bombard, bomb, shell, fire on
    archaic cannonade
  • 4 pound the cloves with salt
    technical triturate
  • 5 I heard him pounding along the gangway
    walk/run heavily, stomp, lumber, clomp, clump, tramp, tromp, trudge
  • 6 her heart was pounding
    throb, thump, thud, hammer, pulse, race, go pit-a-pat
    literary pant, thrill
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    Synonyms of pound in English:



  • 1 a dog pound
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