Synonyms of power in English:



  • 1 the power of speech
    ability, capacity, capability, potential, faculty, competence
    [Antonyms] inability
  • 2 the unions wield enormous power
  • 3 police have the power to stop and search
    authority, right, authorization, warrant, license
  • 4 a major international power
    state, country, nation
  • 5 he hit the ball with as much power as he could
    strength, powerfulness, might, force, forcefulness, vigor, energy; brawn, muscle
    informal punch
    literary thew
  • 6 the power of his arguments
    [Antonyms] impotence weakness
  • 7 the new engine has more power
    driving force, horsepower, h.p., acceleration
    informal oomph
  • 8 generating power from waste
    energy, electrical power, nuclear power, wave power, wind power, micropower
  • 9 informal the time off did him a power of good
    a great deal of, a lot of, much
    informal lots of, loads of
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    megalomania an obsession with power

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    have someone in/under one's power

    I doubt that Roger will ever have Etta under his powerhave control overhave influence overhave under one's thumbhave at one's mercyhave in one's clutcheshave in the palm of one's handhave someone wrapped around one's little fingerhave in one's hip pocket informalhave over a barrel

    the powers that be

    the powers that be did nothing to defuse the situationthe authoritiesthe people in chargethe government

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