Synonyms of present in English:

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present 1


  • 1 a doctor must be present at the ringside
    in attendance, here, there, near, nearby, (close/near) at hand, available
    [Antonyms] absent
  • 2 organic compounds are present in the waste
    in existence, existing, existent
    [Antonyms] absent
  • 3 the present economic climate
    current, present-day, existing
    [Antonyms] past, future
  • noun

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  • 1 forget the past and think about the present
    now, today, the present time/moment, the here and now
    [Antonyms] past, future
  • Quote

    I'm living in the future so the present is my past.
    Kanye West "Monster" (2010)


    at present
    at present, we are offering free installation
    at the moment, just now, right now, at the present time, currently, at this moment in time
    for the present
    he can stay in the guest room, but only for the present
    for the time being, for now, for the moment, for a while, temporarily, pro tem
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    Synonyms of present in English:

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    present 2


  • 1 the president presented a check to the winner
    hand over/out, give (out), confer, bestow, award, grant, accord
  • 2 the committee presented its report
    submit, set forth, put forward, proffer, offer, tender, table
  • 3 may I present my wife?
    introduce, make known, acquaint someone with
  • 4 I called to present my warmest compliments
    offer, give, express
  • 5 they presented their new product last month
    demonstrate, show, put on show/display, exhibit, display, launch, unveil
  • 6 presenting good quality opera
  • 7 she presents a TV show
    host, introduce, be the presenter of, emcee
  • 8 the authorities present him as a common criminal
    represent, describe, portray, depict
  • Phrases

    present oneself/itself
  • 1.1 he presented himself at ten
    be present, make an appearance, appear, turn up, arrive
  • 2.1 an opportunity that presented itself
    occur, arise, happen, come about/up, appear, crop up, turn up
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    Synonyms of present in English:

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    present 3


  • 1 a birthday present
  • Choose the right word

    present, bonus, donation, gift, gratuity, lagniappe, largesse
    What's the difference between a birthday present and a Christmas gift? Both words refer to something given as an expression of friendship, affection, esteem, etc. But gift can be a more formal term, suggesting something of monetary value that is formally bestowed on an individual, group, or institution ( a gift to the university). Present, on the other hand, implies something of less value that is an expression of goodwill ( a housewarming present; a present for the teacher). Largesse is a somewhat pompous term for a very generous gift that is conferred in an ostentatious or condescending way, often on many recipients ( the king's largesse; the largesse of our government). A gratuity is associated with tipping and other forms of voluntary compensation for special attention or service above and beyond what is included in a charge ( known for her generous gratuities, the duchess enjoyed watching the waiters compete with each other to serve her), while a lagniappe is a Southern word, used chiefly in Louisiana and southeast Texas, for either a gratuity or a small gift given to a customer along with a purchase. If you give money or anything else as a gift to a philanthropic, charitable, or religious organization, it is known as a donation ( donations for the poor). But if your employer gives you money at the end of the year in addition to your regular salary, it isn't a Christmas gift; it's a Christmas bonus.
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