Synonyms of prime in English:



  • 1 his prime reason for leaving
    main, chief, key, primary, central, principal, foremost, first, most important, paramount, major
    informal number-one
    [Antonyms] secondary, subordinate
  • 2 the prime cause of flooding
    [Antonyms] secondary
  • 3 prime agricultural land
    [Antonyms] inferior
  • 4 a prime example
    archetypal, prototypical, typical, classic, excellent, characteristic, quintessential
  • noun

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  • 1 he is in his prime
    heyday, best days, best years, prime of one's life;
    youth, salad days;
    peak, pinnacle, zenith
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    Synonyms of prime in English:



  • 1 he primed the gun
    prepare, load, get ready
  • 2 Lucy had primed him carefully
    brief, fill in, prepare, put in the picture, inform, advise, instruct, coach, drill
    informal clue in, give someone the lowdown
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