Synonyms of private in English:



  • 1 his private plane
    personal, own, individual, special, exclusive, privately owned
    [Antonyms] public
  • 2 private talks
    confidential, secret, classified, unofficial, off the record, closet, in camera;
    [Antonyms] public, open
  • 3 private thoughts
    intimate, personal, secret;
    innermost, undisclosed, unspoken, unvoiced
  • 4 a very private man
    reserved, introvert, introverted, self-contained, reticent, discreet, uncommunicative, unforthcoming, retiring, unsociable, withdrawn, solitary, reclusive, hermitic
    [Antonyms] extrovert, extroverted
  • 5 they found a private place in which to talk
    secluded, solitary, undisturbed, concealed, hidden, remote, isolated, out of the way, sequestered
    [Antonyms] busy, crowded
  • 6 we can be private here
    undisturbed, uninterrupted;
    alone, by ourselves
  • 7 the governor attended in a private capacity
    unofficial, personal
    [Antonyms] official
  • 8 private industry
    privatized, denationalized;
    commercial, private-enterprise
    [Antonyms] public, nationalized
  • noun

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  • 1 a private in the army
    sapper, gunner;
    enlisted personnel
    informal GI
  • Phrases

    in private

    I'll tell you later, in private
    in confidence, confidentially, between ourselves, entre nous, off the record
    formal sub rosa

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