Synonyms of proud in English:



  • 1 the proud parents beamed
    pleased, glad, happy, delighted, joyful, overjoyed, thrilled, satisfied, gratified, content
    [Antonyms] ashamed
  • 2 a proud day
    pleasing, gratifying, satisfying, cheering, heartwarming; happy, good, glorious, memorable, notable, red-letter
    [Antonyms] shameful
  • 3 they were poor but proud
    self-respecting, dignified, noble, worthy; independent
    [Antonyms] humble
  • 4 I'm not too proud to admit I'm wrong
    arrogant, conceited, vain, self-important, full of oneself, puffed up, jumped-up, smug, complacent, disdainful, condescending, scornful, supercilious, snobbish, imperious, pompous, overbearing, bumptious, haughty
    informal big-headed, too big for one's britches/boots, high and mighty, stuck-up, Pooterish, uppity, snooty, highfalutin
    literary vainglorious
    rare hubristic
    [Antonyms] humble modest
  • 5 the proud ships
    [Antonyms] unimpressive
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