Synonyms of public in English:



  • 1 public affairs
    state, national, federal, government;
    constitutional, civic, civil, official, social, municipal, community, communal, local;
    [Antonyms] private
  • 2 by public demand
    popular, general, common, communal, collective, shared, joint, universal, widespread
  • 3 a public figure
    prominent, well known, important, leading, eminent, distinguished, notable, noteworthy, noted, celebrated, household, famous, famed, influential, major-league
    [Antonyms] obscure, unknown
  • 4 public places
    open (to the public), communal, accessible to all, available, free, unrestricted, community
    [Antonyms] restricted
  • 5 the news became public
    known, published, publicized, in circulation, exposed, overt, plain, obvious
    [Antonyms] unknown, secret
  • noun

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  • 1 the American public
    people, citizens, subjects, general public, electors, electorate, voters, taxpayers, residents, inhabitants, citizenry, population, populace, community, society, country, nation, world;
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    agoraphobia a fear of open or public places


    in public

    she didn't like it when he would kiss her in public
    publicly, in full view of people, openly, in the open, for all to see, undisguisedly, blatantly, flagrantly, brazenly, overtly

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