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Synonyms of pull in English:


  • 1 he pulled the box toward him
    informal yank
    [Antonyms] push
  • 2 he pulled the bad tooth out
    extract, take out, remove
  • 3 she pulled a muscle
    strain, sprain, wrench, turn, tear;
  • 4 race day pulled big crowds
    attract, draw, bring in, pull in, lure, seduce, entice, tempt, beckon, interest, fascinate
    [Antonyms] repel
  • noun

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  • 1 give the chain a pull
    informal yank
  • 3 he has a lot of pull in finance
    influence, sway, power, authority, say, prestige, standing, weight, leverage, muscle, teeth, clout
  • Phrases

    pull apart
    they pulled apart the suitcase looking for hidden drugs
    dismantle, disassemble, take/pull to pieces, take/pull to bits, take apart, strip down;
    demolish, destroy, break up
    pull back
    the troops were ordered to pull back
    withdraw, retreat, fall back, back off;
    pull out, retire, disengage;
    flee, turn tail
    pull in
    pull in here, next to the Camaro
    stop, halt, come to a halt, pull over, pull up, draw up, brake, park
    pull someone's leg
    are we really getting a snowstorm, or are you pulling my leg?
    tease, fool, play a trick on, rag, pull the wool over someone's eyes
    informal kid, rib, take for a ride, have on
    pull off
    they pulled off a daring crime
    achieve, fulfill, succeed in, accomplish, bring off, carry off, perform, discharge, complete, clinch, fix, effect, engineer
    pull out
    our forces have begun to pull out
    withdraw, resign, leave, retire, step down, bow out, back out, give up
    informal quit
    pull through
    we're all praying that Steve will pull through
    get better, get well again, improve, recover, rally, come through, recuperate
    pull oneself together
    it's just a movie, pull yourself together
    regain one's composure, recover, get a grip on oneself, get over it
    pull over
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