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  • 2 he didn't want to be put in a category
    assign to, consign to, allocate to, place in
  • 3 don't put the blame on me
    lay on, pin on, place on, fix on; attribute to, impute to, assign to, allocate to, ascribe to


put about

the ship put about turn aroundtackcome aboutchange course

put across/over

we need to put our message across more clearly communicateconveyget across/overexplainmake clearspell outclarifyget through to someone

put aside

  • 2.1 they put aside their differences
    disregard, set aside, ignore, forget, discount, bury

put away

  • 2.1 you should be put away!
    certify, commit, institutionalize, hospitalize, consign to a psychiatric/mental hospital
  • 4.1 she never puts her toys away
    replace, put back, tidy up, clean up, clear away

put back

put down

  • 1.1 informal she often puts me down
    criticize, belittle, disparage, deprecate, denigrate, slight, humiliate, shame, crush, squash, deflate
    informal show up, cut down to size
  • 2.1 I put him down as shy
    consider to be, judge to be, reckon to be, take to be; regard as, have down as, take for
  • 3.1 she put her ideas down on paper
    write down, note down, jot down, take down, set down; list, record, register, log
  • 5.1 the horse had to be put down
    destroy, put to sleep, put out of its misery, put to death, kill, euthanize
  • 6.1 put it down to inexperience
    attribute, ascribe, chalk up, impute; blame on

put forward

put in for

I've put in for the promotion apply forput in an application fortry forrequestseekask for

put off

  • 1.1 you shouldn't let his bad attitude put you off
    deter, discourage, dissuade, daunt, unnerve, intimidate, scare off, repel, repulse; distract, disturb, divert, sidetrack
    informal turn off

put it on

she may be really crying, but I think she's putting it on pretendplay-actmake believefake itfoolgo through the motions

put on

  • 1.1 she put on jeans
    dress in, don, pull on, throw on, slip into, change into
    informal doll oneself up in
  • 2.1 I put the light on
    switch on, turn on, activate
  • 3.1 they put on an extra train
    provide, lay on, supply, make available

put one over on

informal See hoodwink

put out

  • 4.1 he put out a press release
    issue, publish, release, bring out, circulate, publicize, post

put up

  • 4.1 she put up a poster
    display, pin up, stick up, hang up, post

put upon

informal you allow yourself to be put upon take advantage ofimpose onexploitusemisuse informalwalk all over

put up to

informal was drag racing your idea, or did someone put you up to it? persuade to (do)encourage to (do)urge to (do)egg on to (do)incite to (do)goad into

put up with

she put up with his nonsense for two years, and then she kicked him out toleratetakestand (for)acceptstomachswallowendurebearsupporttake something lying down informalabidelump it formalbrook

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