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  • 2 red hair was quite common in Rita's family
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    Quite nicely illustrates the dictum that England and America are two nations separated by a common language. If someone in London says, “The play was quite good” (with a slight intake of breath on quite), he means it was only fairly good, or not very good at all, whereas someone in New York who says “The play was quite good” means it was very good indeed. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, quite (sense III.8) means "in a weakened sense: rather, to a moderate degree, fairly." Americans never use it that way. However, when I pointed the British and American usages out to an English friend he said, “I see what you mean: they're quite different”—thereby destroying the case. Most of the time, the American and British uses of quite do have the same meaning—the irony in the British quite good resembles the American sarcasm in oh, great, or yeah, right, which mean not great or right at all.
    Jean Strouse

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