Synonyms of raise in English:



  • 1 he raised a hand in greeting
    lift, lift up, hold aloft, elevate, uplift, upraise, upthrust; hoist, haul up, hitch up
    [Antonyms] lower
  • 2 he raised himself in the bed
    set upright, set vertical; sit up, stand up
    [Antonyms] lay down knock over
  • 3 they raised prices
    increase, put up, push up, up, mark up, escalate, inflate
    informal hike (up), jack up, bump up
    [Antonyms] lower reduce
  • 4 he raised his voice
    [Antonyms] lower
  • 5 the temple was raised in 900 BC
    [Antonyms] raze demolish
  • 6 how will you raise the money?
    get, obtain, acquire; accumulate, amass, collect, fetch, net, make
    [Antonyms] distribute spend
  • 7 the city raised troops to fight for them
    recruit, enlist, sign up, conscript, call up, mobilize, rally, assemble, draft
    [Antonyms] demobilize stand down
  • 8 a tax raised on imports
    levy, impose, exact, demand, charge
  • 9 he raised several objections
    bring up, air, ventilate; present, table, propose, submit, advance, suggest, moot, put forward
    [Antonyms] withdraw keep quiet about
  • 10 the disaster raised doubts about safety
    give rise to, occasion, cause, produce, engender, elicit, create, result in, lead to, prompt, awaken, arouse, induce, kindle, incite, stir up, trigger, spark off, provoke, instigate, foment, whip up
    literary beget
    [Antonyms] allay end
  • 11 most parents try to raise their children well
    bring up, rear, nurture, look after, care for, provide for, mother, parent, tend, cherish; hand-rear; educate, train
  • 12 she raised cattle
    breed, rear, nurture, keep, tend; grow, farm, cultivate, produce
  • 13 he was raised to a captaincy
    promote, advance, upgrade, elevate, ennoble
    informal kick upstairs
    [Antonyms] demote
  • noun

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  • 1 the workers wanted a raise
    pay increase, increment
  • Phrases

    raise hell

    informal see hell

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