Synonyms of rate in English:



  • 1 a fixed rate of interest
    percentage, ratio, proportion; scale, standard, level
  • 2 an hourly rate of $30
    charge, price, cost, tariff, fare, levy, toll; fee, remuneration, payment, wage, allowance
  • 3 the rate of change
    speed, pace, tempo, velocity, momentum
  • verb

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  • 1 they rated his driving ability
    assess, evaluate, appraise, judge, estimate, calculate, gauge, measure, adjudge; grade, rank, classify, categorize
  • 2 the scheme was rated effective
    consider, judge, reckon, think, hold, deem, find; regard as, look on as, count as
  • 3 he rated only a brief mention
    merit, deserve, warrant, be worthy of, be deserving of
  • Phrases

    at any rate

    at any rate, we ask that you remember to votein any caseanyhowanywayin any eventneverthelesswhatever happenscome what mayregardlessnotwithstanding

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