Synonyms of rattle in English:



  • 1 hailstones rattled against the window
    clatter, patter;
    clink, clunk
  • 2 he rattled some coins
    jingle, jangle, clink, tinkle
  • 3 the bus rattled along
    jolt, bump, bounce, jounce, shake
  • 4 the government was rattled by the strike
  • noun

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  • 1 the rattle of the bottles
    clatter, clank, clink, clang;
    jingle, jangle
  • 2 she gave the baby a rattle
    noisemaker, shaker, rain stick, maraca
  • Phrases

    rattle something off

    she can rattle off the complete list of Shakespeare's plays
    reel off, recite, list, fire off, run through, enumerate

    rattle on/away

    rattling on about her grandchildren
    informal gab, yak, yap

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