Synonyms of raw in English:



  • 1 raw carrot
    uncooked, fresh
    [Antonyms] cooked
  • 2 raw materials
    unprocessed, untreated, unrefined, crude, natural; unedited, undigested, unprepared
    [Antonyms] refined processed
  • 3 raw recruits
    [Antonyms] experienced skilled
  • 4 his skin is raw
    sore, red, painful, tender; abraded, chafed; Medicineexcoriated
  • 5 a raw morning
    bleak, cold, chilly, bone-chilling, freezing, icy, icy-cold, wintry, bitter, biting
    informal nippy
    [Antonyms] warm balmy
  • 6 raw emotions
    strong, intense, passionate, fervent, powerful, violent; undisguised, unconcealed, unrestrained, uninhibited
  • 7 raw images of Latin America
    realistic, unembellished, unvarnished, brutal, harsh, gritty, graphic
    [Antonyms] idealized
  • Phrases

    in the raw

    informal sleeping in the raw See naked (sense 1)

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