Synonyms of ready in English:



  • 1 are you ready?
    prepared, set, all set, organized, primed
    informal fit, psyched up, geared up
  • 2 everything is ready
    completed, finished, prepared, organized, done, arranged, fixed, in readiness
  • 3 he's always ready to help
    eager, keen, happy, glad
    informal game
  • 4 she looked ready to collapse
    about to, on the point of, on the verge of, close to, liable to, likely to
  • 5 a ready supply of food
    available, easily available, accessible;
    handy, close/near at hand, on hand, convenient, within reach, at the ready, near, at one's fingertips
  • 6 a ready answer
  • verb

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  • 1 he needed time to ready himself
    prepare, get/make ready, organize;
    gear oneself up
    informal psych oneself up
  • Phrases

    at the ready

    the fire extinguishers are at the ready
    in position, poised, ready for use/action, waiting, on deck

    make ready

    making ready for their departure
    prepare, make preparations, get everything ready, gear up for

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