Synonyms of realistic in English:



  • 1 you've got to be realistic
    practical, pragmatic, matter-of-fact, down-to-earth, sensible, commonsensical, grounded; rational, reasonable, levelheaded, clear-sighted, businesslike
    informal having both/one's feet on the ground, hard-nosed, no-nonsense
    [Antonyms] idealistic
  • 2 a realistic aim
    achievable, attainable, feasible, practicable, viable, reasonable, sensible, workable
    informal doable
    [Antonyms] impracticable
  • 3 a realistic portrayal of war
    true to life, lifelike, truthful, true, faithful, unidealized, real-life, naturalistic, graphic
    [Antonyms] fictional imaginative
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