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  • 3 he was losing his reason
    sanity, mind, mental faculties; senses, wits
    informal marbles
  • 4 he continues, against reason, to love her
    good sense, good judgment, common sense, wisdom, sagacity, reasonableness


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  • 1 a young child is unable to reason
    think rationally, think logically, use one's common sense, use one's head/brain
    formal cogitate, ratiocinate
  • 3 she tried to reason with her husband
    bring around, coax, persuade, prevail on, convince, make someone see the light


by reason of

formal by reason of mental illness, he will not be held in contempt of court because ofon account ofas a result ofowing todue toby virtue ofthanks to

reason something out

we finally reasoned out the cryptic message in chapter twelve work outthink throughmake sense ofget to the bottom ofpuzzle out informalfigure out

with reason

he was anxious, with reason, about his own political survival justifiablyjustlylegitimatelyrightlyreasonably

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rational relating to reason


the reason why, the reason is because

1 The construction the reason why … has been objected to on the grounds that the subordinate clause should express a statement, using a that clause, not imply a question with a why clause: the reason (that) I decided not to phone , rather than the reason why I decided not to phone . The reason why has been called a redundancy to be avoided, but it is a mild one, and idiomatic.2 An objection is also made to the construction the reason is because, as in the reason I didn't phone is because my mother has been ill . The objection is made on the grounds that either 'because' or 'the reason' is redundant; it is better to use the word that instead ( the reason I didn't phone is that … ) or rephrase altogether ( I didn't phone because … ).Nevertheless, both the above usages are well established and, although they may be inelegant, they are generally accepted in standard English.

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