Synonyms of receive in English:



  • 1 Toni received an award they received $650 in damages
    be given, be presented with, be awarded, collect, garner;
    win, be paid, earn, gross, net
    [Antonyms] give, present
  • 2 she received a letter
    be sent, be in receipt of, accept delivery of, accept
    [Antonyms] send
  • 3 Alec received the news on Monday
    be told, be informed of, be notified of, hear, discover, find out (about), learn
    informal get wind of
  • 4 he received her suggestion with a complete lack of interest
    hear, listen to;
    respond to, react to
  • 5 she received a serious injury
    experience, sustain, undergo, meet with;
    suffer, bear
  • 6 they received their guests
    greet, welcome, say hello to
  • 7 she's not receiving visitors
    entertain, see
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