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Synonyms of red in English:


  • 1 a red dress
    scarlet, vermilion, crimson, ruby, cherry, cerise, cardinal, carmine, wine, blood-red;
    coral, cochineal, rose;
    brick-red, maroon, rufous;
    rusty, cinnamon, fulvous
    literary damask, vermeil, sanguine
  • 2 he was red in the face
    ruddy, rosy, glowing;
    burning, feverish
    literary rubescent
    archaic sanguine
  • 3 his eyes were red
    bloodshot, sore
  • 4 red hair
    reddish, auburn, titian, chestnut, carroty, ginger, sandy
  • Reflections


    This word describes the optical experience "reddish-yellow." A frequent color of the sun, many flowers, the dust found on the ground in some towns in the Caribbean, rust, a duck called the fulvous whistling duck native to East Africa, and more peaches than are actually accurately described by the shade "peach." For these and other reasons, it is a practical word for the travel writer—and other keen observers of the natural world—to have at hand.
    Zadie Smith


    in the red
    his account is still in the red
    overdrawn, in debt, in debit, in deficit, in arrears
    see red
    informal when Kate showed up drunk, Julian saw red
    become very angry, become enraged, lose one's temper
    informal go mad, go crazy, go wild, go bananas, hit the roof, fly off the handle, blow one's top, flip out, go ballistic, flip one's wig, blow one's stack
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