Synonyms of reduce in English:



  • 1 the aim to reduce pollution
    lessen, make smaller, lower, bring down, decrease, diminish, minimize;
    shrink, narrow, contract, shorten;
    ax, cut, cut back/down, make cutbacks in, trim, curtail, slim (down), prune
    informal chop
    [Antonyms] increase
  • 2 she reduced him to tears
    bring to, bring to the point of, drive to
  • 3 he was reduced to the ranks
    demote, downgrade, bring low, lower, lower in rank
    [Antonyms] promote
  • 4 Halloween items have been reduced
    discount, mark down, lower the price of, cut, cut in price, make cheaper, put on sale
    informal slash, knock down
    [Antonyms] mark up
  • Phrases

    in reduced circumstances

    Quinlan was shocked to find his brother in reduced circumstances
    impoverished, broke, in straitened circumstances, ruined, bankrupted;
    informal without two cents to rub together, strapped for cash
    formal penurious

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