Synonyms of register in English:



  • 1 the register of electors
    official list, listing, roll, roster, index, directory, address book, catalog, inventory;
  • 2 the parish register
    record, chronicle, log, logbook, ledger, archive;
    annals, files
  • 3 the lower register of the piano
    range, reaches;
  • verb

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  • 1 I wish to register a complaint
    record, put on record, enter, file, lodge, write down, put in writing, submit, report, note, log
  • 2 it is not too late to register
    enroll, put one's name down, enlist, sign on, sign up, apply
  • 3 the dial registered a speed of 100 mph
    indicate, read, record, show, display
  • 4 her face registered anger
    display, show, express, exhibit, betray, evidence, reveal, manifest, demonstrate, bespeak
    formal evince
  • 5 the content of her statement did not register
    make an impression, get through, sink in, penetrate, have an effect, strike home
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