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Synonyms of return in English:


  • 1 he returned to Halifax
    go back, come back, come home
    [Antonyms] depart
  • 2 the symptoms returned
    recur, reoccur, occur again, repeat (itself);
    reappear, appear again
    [Antonyms] disappear
  • 3 he returned the money
    give back, hand back;
    pay back, repay
    [Antonyms] keep
  • 4 Peter returned the book to the shelf
    restore, put back, replace, reinstall
  • 5 he returned the volley
    hit back, throw back
    [Antonyms] miss
  • 6 she returned his kiss
    reciprocate, requite, give in return, respond to, repay, give back
    [Antonyms] ignore
  • 7 “Later,” returned Isabel
    answer, reply, respond, counter, rejoin, retort, come back
  • 8 the jury returned a unanimous verdict
    deliver, bring in, hand down
  • 9 the club returned a profit
    yield, earn, realize, net, gross, clear
  • 10 the swing might result in a leftist party being returned in the next election
    elect, vote in, choose, select
  • noun

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  • 1 his return to Oregon
    [Antonyms] departure
  • 2 the return of hard times
    [Antonyms] disappearance
  • 3 I requested the return of my books
    giving back, handing back, replacement, restoration, reinstatement, restitution
  • 4 a quick return on investments
    yield, profit, gain, revenue, interest, dividend
  • 5 a census return
    statement, report, submission, record, dossier;
    document, form
  • Phrases

    in return for
    I'm authorized to show you some leniency in return for information about Sawyer
    in exchange for, as a reward for, as compensation for
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