Synonyms of rich in English:



  • 1 rich people seem to pay the least tax
    informal rolling in money, rolling in it, rolling in (the) dough, in the money, loaded, flush, stinking rich, filthy rich, well heeled, made of money
    [Antonyms] poor
  • 2 rich furnishings
    sumptuous, opulent, luxurious, luxury, deluxe, lavish, gorgeous, splendid, magnificent, costly, expensive, fancy
    informal posh, plush, ritzy, swanky, classy, swank
    [Antonyms] plain, austere
  • 3 a garden rich in flowers
    abounding in, full of, well provided with, well stocked in/with, crammed with, packed with, teeming with, bursting with
    informal jam-packed with, chockablock with, chock-full of
  • 4 a rich supply of restaurants
    [Antonyms] poor, meager
  • 5 rich soil
    [Antonyms] barren
  • 6 a rich sauce
    creamy, heavy, full-flavored, fatty
    [Antonyms] delicate, light
  • 7 a rich wine
    [Antonyms] light
  • 8 rich colors
    strong, deep, full, intense, vivid, brilliant
    [Antonyms] delicate, pastel
  • 9 her rich voice
    sonorous, full, resonant, deep, clear, mellow, mellifluous, full-throated
    [Antonyms] thin, reedy
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