Synonyms of rich in English:



  • 1 rich people seem to pay the least tax
    wealthy, affluent, moneyed, well off, well-to-do, prosperous, opulent, silk-stocking
    informal rolling in money, rolling in it, rolling in (the) dough, in the money, loaded, flush, stinking rich, filthy rich, well heeled, made of money
    [Antonyms] poor
  • 2 rich furnishings
    sumptuous, opulent, luxurious, luxury, deluxe, lavish, gorgeous, splendid, magnificent, costly, expensive, fancy
    informal posh, plush, ritzy, swanky, classy, swank
    [Antonyms] plain austere
  • 3 a garden rich in flowers
    abounding in, full of, well provided with, well stocked in/with, crammed with, packed with, teeming with, bursting with
    informal jam-packed with, chockablock with, chock-full of
  • 4 a rich supply of restaurants
    [Antonyms] poor meager
  • 5 rich soil
    [Antonyms] barren
  • 6 a rich sauce
    creamy, heavy, full-flavored, fatty
    [Antonyms] delicate light
  • 7 a rich wine
    [Antonyms] light
  • 8 rich colors
    strong, deep, full, intense, vivid, brilliant
    [Antonyms] delicate pastel
  • 9 her rich voice
    sonorous, full, resonant, deep, clear, mellow, mellifluous, full-throated
    [Antonyms] thin reedy
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