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  • 1 it wouldn't be right to do that
    [Antonyms] wrong unjust
  • 2 Mr. Hubert had the right answer
    correct, accurate, exact, precise; proper, valid, conventional, established, official, formal
    [Antonyms] wrong inaccurate
  • 3 the right person for the job
    suitable, appropriate, fitting, correct, proper, desirable, preferable, ideal
    archaic meet
    [Antonyms] wrong unsuitable
  • 4 you've come at the right time
    opportune, advantageous, favorable, propitious, good, lucky, happy, fortunate, providential, felicitous; timely, seasonable, convenient, expedient, suitable, appropriate
    [Antonyms] wrong inopportune
  • 5 he's not right in the head
    sane, lucid, rational, balanced, together, compos mentis; healthy, well
    informal all there
    [Antonyms] non compos mentis insane
  • 6 my right hand
    [Antonyms] left
  • adverb

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  • 1 she was right at the limit of her patience
  • 2 right in the middle of the village
    exactly, precisely, directly, immediately, just, squarely, dead
    informal bang, smack, plumb, smack dab
  • 3 keep going right ahead
    [Antonyms] indirectly
  • 4 informal he'll be right down
    straight, immediately, instantly, at once, straightaway, now, right now, this minute, directly, forthwith, without further ado, promptly, quickly, as soon as possible, ASAP, in short order
    informal straight off, PDQ, pretty damn quick, pronto, lickety-split
    [Antonyms] sometime later
  • 5 I think I heard right
    correctly, accurately, properly, precisely, aright, rightly, perfectly
    [Antonyms] wrong
  • 6 make sure you're treated right by the authorities
    [Antonyms] unjustly
  • 7 things will turn out right
    well, for the best, favorably, happily, advantageously, profitably, providentially, luckily, conveniently
    [Antonyms] badly
  • noun

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  • 1 the difference between right and wrong
    [Antonyms] wrong
  • 2 you have the right to say no
    entitlement, prerogative, privilege, advantage, due, birthright, liberty, authority, power, license, permission, dispensation, leave, sanction, freedom
    Law, historical droit
  • verb

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  • 1 the way to right a capsized dinghy
    set upright, turn back over
  • 2 we must right the situation
    remedy, put right, rectify, retrieve, fix, resolve, sort out, settle, square; straighten out, correct, repair, mend, redress, make good, ameliorate, better
  • Phrases

    by rights

    by rights, these kids should have been offered a decent educationproperlycorrectlytechnicallyin fairnesslegallyde jure

    in the right

    please explain why you think you're in the rightjustifiedvindicated

    right away

    we'll miss the bus if we don't leave right awayat oncestraightawaynowright nowthis minutethis very minutethis instantimmediatelyinstantlydirectlyforthwithwithout further adopromptlyquicklywithout delayas soon as possiblein short order informalstraight offpretty damn quickPDQASAPprontolickety-split

    within one's rights

    Mr. Barnes is within his rights to dispute the charges to his accountentitledpermittedallowedat libertyempoweredauthorizedqualifiedlicensedjustified

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