Synonyms of rock in English:



  • 1 the ship rocked on the water
    move to and fro, move back and forth, sway, seesaw; roll, pitch, plunge, toss, lurch, reel, list; wobble, oscillate
  • 4 informal this game totally rocks
    be impressive
    informal kick butt, blow one away, blow one's mind, rock one's world, be cool, be on fire

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Pronunciation: kəːf
a slit made by cutting with a saw

Synonyms of rock in English:



  • 2 a castle built on a rock
    crag, cliff, outcrop
  • 3 Toni was the rock on which they relied
    foundation, cornerstone, support, prop, mainstay; tower of strength, bulwark, anchor
  • 4 informal she wore a massive rock on her finger
    diamond, jewel, precious stone


on the rocks

  • 1.1 her marriage is on the rocks
    in difficulty, in trouble, breaking up, over; in tatters, in ruins, ruined
  • 2.1 a Scotch on the rocks
    with ice, on ice, over ice

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petrography petrology the study of the composition and properties of rocks

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