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Synonyms of root in English:


  • 1 a plant's roots
  • 2 the root of the problem
    source, origin, germ, beginning(s), genesis;
    cause, reason, basis, foundation, bottom, seat;
    core, heart, nub, essence
    informal ground zero
  • 3 (roots) he rejected his roots
    origins, beginnings, family, ancestors, predecessors, heritage;
    birthplace, homeland
  • verb

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  • 1 has the shoot rooted?
    take root, grow roots, establish, strike, take
  • 2 root the cuttings
    plant, bed out, sow
  • 3 he rooted around in the cupboard
    rummage, hunt, search, rifle, delve, forage, dig, nose, poke
  • Phrases

    put down roots
    they married and put down roots in Yemen
    settle, establish oneself, make one's home, set up home
    root and branch
  • 1.1 the company's accounting department should be eradicated, root and branch
  • 2.1 a root-and-branch reform
    complete, total, thorough, radical
  • root for
    informal Mollie roots for the Broncos
    cheer, cheer on, applaud, support, encourage
    root out
  • 1.1 the hedge was rooted out
    uproot, deracinate, pull up, grub out
  • 2.1 root out corruption
    eradicate, eliminate, weed out, destroy, wipe out, stamp out, extirpate, abolish, end, put a stop to
  • 3.1 he rooted out a dark secret
    unearth, dig up, bring to light, uncover, discover, dredge up, ferret out, expose
  • take root
  • 1.1 leave the plants to take root
    germinate, sprout, establish, strike, take
  • 2.1 Christianity took root in Persia
    become established, take hold;
    develop, thrive, flourish
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