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Synonyms of rough in English:


  • 1 rough ground
    uneven, irregular, bumpy, lumpy, knobbly, stony, rocky, rugged, rutted, pitted, rutty
    [Antonyms] smooth, flat
  • 2 the terrier's rough coat
    coarse, bristly, scratchy, prickly;
    shaggy, hairy, bushy
    [Antonyms] smooth, sleek
  • 3 rough skin
    dry, leathery, weather-beaten;
    chapped, calloused, scaly, scabrous
    [Antonyms] smooth
  • 4 his voice was rough
    [Antonyms] soft
  • 5 rough red wine
    [Antonyms] sweet, mellow
  • 6 he gets rough when he's drunk
    violent, brutal, vicious;
    aggressive, belligerent, pugnacious, thuggish;
    [Antonyms] gentle, passive
  • 7 a machine that can take rough handling
    careless, clumsy, inept, unskillful
    [Antonyms] careful
  • 8 rough manners
    [Antonyms] cultured, refined, civilized
  • 9 rough seas
    turbulent, stormy, tempestuous, violent, heavy, heaving, choppy
    [Antonyms] calm
  • 10 informal I've had a rough time
    difficult, hard, tough, bad, unpleasant;
    demanding, arduous
    [Antonyms] easy, pleasant
  • 11 informal you were a bit rough on her
    harsh on/to, hard on, tough on, stern to, severe to, unfair to, unjust to;
    insensitive to, nasty to, cruel to, unkind to, unsympathetic to, brutal to, heartless to, merciless to
    [Antonyms] gentle, kind
  • 12 a rough draft
    preliminary, hasty, quick, sketchy, cursory, basic, crude, rudimentary, raw, unpolished;
    incomplete, unfinished
    [Antonyms] finished, perfected
  • 13 a rough estimate
    approximate, inexact, imprecise, vague, estimated, hazy
    [Antonyms] exact, precise
  • 14 the accommodations are rather rough
    plain, basic, simple, rough and ready, rude, crude, primitive, spartan
    [Antonyms] luxurious
  • noun

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  • 1 the artist's initial roughs
    sketch, draft, outline, mock-up
  • verb

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  • 1 rough the surface with sandpaper
    roughen, make rough
  • Phrases

    rough something out

    we roughed out a few drawings of the monument
    draft, sketch out, outline, block out, mock up

    rough someone up

    informal a beefy businessman was roughed up by some thugs for his cellphone
    beat up, attack, assault, knock around/about, batter, manhandle

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