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  • 3 he ran in the marathon
    compete, take part, participate
  • 4 a shiver ran down my spine
    go, pass, slide, move, travel
  • 5 he ran his eye down the list
    cast, pass, skim, flick
  • 6 the road runs the length of the valley
    extend, stretch, reach, continue
  • 8 a bus runs to Sorrento
    travel, go
  • 9 I'll run you home
    drive, take, bring, ferry, chauffeur, give someone a ride/lift
  • 11 it's expensive to run a car
    maintain, keep, own, possess, have; drive
  • 14 the lease runs for twenty years
    be valid, last, be in effect, be operative, continue, be effective
  • 15 the show ran for two years
    be staged, be performed, be on, be mounted, be screened
  • 16 he ran for president
    be a candidate for, stand for, be a contender for
  • 17 the paper ran the story
    publish, print, feature, carry, put out, release, issue
  • 18 they run drugs
    smuggle, traffic in, deal in
  • 19 they were run out of town
    chase, drive, hound


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  • 1 his morning run
    sprint, jog, dash, gallop, trot
  • 2 she did the school run
    route, journey; circuit, round, beat
  • 4 a run on umbrellas
    demand for, rush on
  • 5 they had the run of the house
    free use of, unrestricted access to
  • 9 a run in her pantyhose
    rip, tear, snag, hole, pull; British ladder


in the long run

in the long run, the move to Spokane may be a really good thing eventuallyin the endultimatelywhen all is said and donein the fullness of timeover the long haulat the end of the day

on the run

police report that Prentiss has been on the run since early this morning on the looseat largelooserunning awayfleeingfugitive informalAWOLon the lam

run across

we never expected to run across Mrs. Gundlach at the casino meetmeet by chancecome acrossrun intochance on/uponstumble on/uponhappen on/upon informalbump into

run after

informal I have no intention of running after him pursuechasemake advances toflirt with informalcome on tobe all over datedset one's cap for/at

run along

informal it's time for you and your pesky little friends to run along go awaybe off (with you)shoo informalscrambuzz offskedaddlescatbeat itget lostshove offclear off literarybegone

run around

informal that creep's been running around since their honeymoon be unfaithfulhave affairsphilander informalplay the fieldsleep aroundfool around

run away

her attacker ran away See sense 2 of the verb

run away with

she ran away with the championship win easilywin hands down informalwin by a mile

run down

obviously, this barn didn't start running down yesterday declinedegeneratego downhillgo to seeddecaygo to rack and ruin informalgo to potgo to the dogs

run someone down

  • 1.1 he was run down by a drunk driver
    run over, knock down, knock over; hit, strike

run for it

they saw the cop car and ran for it See sense 2 of the verb

run high

feelings ran high be strongbe ferventbe passionatebe intense

run in

  • 1.1 heart disease runs in the family
    be common in, be inherent in

run into

  • 1.1 a car ran into his van
    collide with, hit, strike, crash into, smash into, plow into, ram, impact
  • 4.1 his debts run into six figures
    reach, extend to, be as much as

run low

supplies were running low dwindlediminishbecome depletedbe used upbe in short supplybe tight

run off

the youths ran off See sense 2 of the verb

run off with

informal he ran off with her money See steal ( sense 1 of the verb)

run something off

  • 2.1 run off some of the excess water
    drain, bleed, draw off, pump out

run on

  • 2.1 your mother does run on
    talk incessantly, talk a lot, go on, chatter on, ramble on
    informal yak, gab, run off at the mouth

run out

  • 1.1 supplies ran out
    be used up, dry up, be exhausted, be finished, peter out
  • 2.1 her contract ran out
    expire, end, terminate, finish; lapse

run out of

they ran out of their cash use upbe out ofconsumeeat up informalbe fresh out of

run out on

informal she ran out on her husband See abandon ( sense 3 of the verb)

run over

  • 2.1 the project ran over budget
    exceed, go over, overshoot, overreach

run someone over

he was run over by a motorbike run downknock downknock overhitstrike

run the show

informal Todd always tries to run the show be in chargebe in controlbe at the helmbe in the driver's seatbe at the wheel informalbe the bosscall the shots

run through

  • 3.1 he ran through his notes
    recapitulate, repeat, run over, go over, reiterate, review; look over, read through
    informal recap
  • 4.1 let's run through scene three
    rehearse, practice, go over, repeat
    informal recap

run someone through

they hung an effigy of him and ran it through with sharp sticks stabpiercetransfiximpale

run to

  • 2.1 he was running to fat
    tend to, become, get, grow

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