Synonyms of score in English:



  • 1 the final score was 4–3
    result, outcome; total, sum total, tally, count
  • 2 an IQ score of 161
    rating, grade, mark, percentage
  • 3 I've got a score to settle with you
    grievance, grudge, complaint; dispute, bone of contention; (score to settle)bone to pick, ax to grind
  • 4 informal he knew the score before he got here
    the situation, the position, the facts, the truth of the matter, the (true) state of affairs, the picture, how things stand, the lay of the land
    informal what's what, what the deal is/was
  • 5 (scores) scores of complaints
    a great many, a lot, a great/good deal, large quantities, plenty
    informal lots, a bunch, umpteen, a slew, loads, masses, stacks, scads, heaps, piles, bags, tons, oodles, dozens, hundreds, thousands, millions, billions, gazillions, bajillions of
  • verb

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  • 1 Lou's already scored 13 goals this season
    net, bag, rack up, chalk up, tally, notch, record; get, gain, achieve, make
  • 2 informal his new movie really scored
    be successful, be a success, triumph, make an impression, go down well
    informal be a hit, be a winner, be a sellout
  • 3 the piece was scored for flute and violin
    orchestrate, arrange, set, adapt; write, compose
  • 4 score the wood in crisscross patterns
    scratch, cut, notch, incise, scrape, nick, chip, gouge; mark
  • 5 informal he was hoping to score on his date tonight
    get lucky, have sex, go all the way, do it
  • Phrases

    score points off

    he's obsessed with scoring points off everyone, even his best friendsget the better ofgain the advantage overoutdobesthave the edge overhave the last laugh onmake a fool ofhumiliate informalget/be one up onget one over on

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