Synonyms of scrap in English:



  • 1 a scrap of paper
    fragment, piece, bit, snippet, shred; offcut, oddment, remnant
  • 2 there wasn't a scrap of evidence
    bit, speck, iota, particle, ounce, whit, jot, atom, shred, scintilla, tittle, jot or tittle
    informal smidgen, tad
  • 3 he slept in the streets and lived on scraps
    leftovers, leavings, crumbs, scrapings, remains, remnants, residue, odds and ends, bits and pieces
  • 4 the whole thing was made from scrap
  • verb

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  • 1 old cars due to be scrapped
    throw away, throw out, dispose of, get rid of, toss out, throw on the scrapheap, discard, remove, dispense with, lose, decommission, recycle, break up, demolish
    informal chuck, ditch, dump, junk, trash, deep-six
    [Antonyms] keep preserve
  • 2 campaigners called for the plans to be scrapped
    abandon, drop, abolish, withdraw, throw out, do away with, put an end to, cancel, ax, jettison
    informal ditch, dump, junk, can, scrub
    [Antonyms] keep restore
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    Synonyms of scrap in English:




  • 1 he and Joe had several scraps
  • verb

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  • 1 the older boys started scrapping with me
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