Synonyms of screw in English:



  • 1 stainless steel screws
    bolt, fastener; nail, pin, tack, spike, rivet, brad
  • 2 the handle needs a couple of screws to tighten it
    turn, twist, wrench
  • 3 the ship's twin screws
    propeller, rotor
  • verb

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  • 1 he screwed the lid back on the jar
    tighten, turn, twist, wind
  • 2 the bracket was screwed in place
    fasten, secure, fix, attach
  • 3 informal she intended to screw money out of them
    extort, force, extract, wrest, wring, squeeze
    informal bleed
  • 4 informal he realized he had been screwed
    cheat, trick, deceive, swindle, con, scam, dupe, fool
    informal rip off, hose, gyp, bamboozle, stiff
  • Phrases

    put the screws on

    informal you don't pay up and my pal Bruno here will put the screws on you, see?pressureput pressure oncoercebrowbeatuse strong-arm tactics onstrong-armhold a gun to someone's head informalturn the heat onlean onbulldoze

    screw up

  • 1.1 Tina screwed up her face in disgust
    wrinkle (up), pucker, crumple, crease, furrow, contort, distort, twist, purse
  • 2.1 informal they'll screw up the whole economy
    wreck, ruin, destroy, wreak havoc on, damage, spoil, mar; dash, shatter, scotch, make a mess of, mess up
    informal louse up, foul up, put the kibosh on, scupper, scuttle, do for, nix
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