Synonyms of serious in English:



  • 1 a serious expression
    solemn, earnest, grave, somber, sober, unsmiling, poker-faced, stern, grim, dour, humorless, stony-faced; thoughtful, preoccupied, pensive
    [Antonyms] lighthearted cheerful
  • 2 serious decisions
    [Antonyms] unimportant trivial
  • 3 give serious consideration to this
    careful, detailed, in-depth, deep, profound, meaningful
    [Antonyms] superficial
  • 4 a serious play
    intellectual, highbrow, heavyweight, deep, profound, literary, learned, scholarly
    informal heavy
    [Antonyms] lowbrow light
  • 5 serious injuries
    severe, grave, bad, critical, acute, terrible, dire, dangerous, perilous, parlous
    formal grievous
    [Antonyms] minor negligible
  • 6 we're serious about equality
    in earnest, earnest, sincere, wholehearted, genuine; committed, resolute, determined
    [Antonyms] halfhearted
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    Pronunciation: ˈflɪp(ə)nt
    not showing a serious or respectful attitude