Synonyms of set in English:

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set 1


  • 1 Beth set the bag on the table
    put (down), place, lay, deposit, position, settle, leave, stand, plant, posit
    informal stick, dump, park, plunk
  • 2 the cottage is set on a hill
    be situated, be located, lie, stand, be sited, be perched
  • 3 the fence is set in concrete
    fix, embed, insert;
  • 4 a ring set with precious stones
    adorn, ornament, decorate, embellish
    literary bejewel
  • 5 I'll go and set the table
    lay, prepare, arrange
  • 6 we set them some easy tasks
    assign, allocate, give, allot, prescribe
  • 7 just set your mind to it
    apply, address, direct, aim, turn, focus, concentrate
  • 8 they set a date for the election
    decide on, select, choose, arrange, schedule;
    fix (on), settle on, determine, designate, name, appoint, specify, stipulate
  • 9 he set his horse toward her
    direct, steer, orient, orientate, point, aim, train
  • 10 his jump set a national record
    establish, create, institute
  • 11 he set his watch
    adjust, regulate, synchronize;
    put right, correct;
    program, activate, turn on
  • 12 the adhesive will set in an hour
    [Antonyms] melt
  • 13 the sun was setting
    go down, sink, dip;
    vanish, disappear
    [Antonyms] rise
  • Reflections


    I include this simply as an aide-mémoire: there are more meanings for this innocent-looking trinity of letters than there are for any other word in the English language—fully 62 columns’ worth in the complete Oxford English Dictionary, and which naturally include such obvious examples as: the condition of what the sun does each evening; a major part of a game of tennis; what one does if one embarks on a journey; what one does if one puts something down on a table; a collection of a number of items of a particular kind; and a further score, or more, of other disparate and unconnected things and actions. Set is a term in bowling; it is what a dog (especially a setter, of course) does when he is dealing with game; it is a grudge; what cement does when it dries; what Jell-O does when it doesn't dry; a form of power used by shipwrights; what a young woman does when she wants to secure a man's affections; the direction of a current at sea; the build of a person; a kind of underdeveloped fruit; the stake that is put down at dice … need I go on? In the search for a synonym it is worth pointing out, and only half in jest, that it is quite possible that one or other meanings for set might fit the bill, exactly, and will have you all set, semantically, and quite neatly, without nearly as much effort as you supposed.
    Simon Winchester


    set about
    Mike set about raising $5,000
    begin, start, commence, go about, get to work on, get down to, embark on, tackle, address oneself to, undertake
    set against
    you deliberately set me against my family
    alienate from, estrange from, set at odds;
    drive a wedge between (one and another), sow dissension between (one and another)
    set apart
  • 1.1 the orchestral background sets this song apart from the rest
    distinguish, differentiate, mark out, single out, separate, demarcate
  • 2.1 one pew was set apart from the rest
    isolate, separate, segregate, put to one side
  • set aside
  • 1.1 set aside some money each month
    save, put by, put aside, put away, lay by, keep, reserve;
    store, stockpile, hoard, stow away, cache, withhold
    informal salt away, squirrel away, stash away
  • 2.1 he set aside his cup
    put down, cast aside, discard, abandon, dispense with
  • 3.1 set aside your differences
    disregard, put aside, ignore, forget, discount, shrug off, bury
  • 4.1 the Supreme Court set aside the decision
  • set back
    the rains have set back the work on the bridge
    set down
  • 1.1 he set down his thoughts
    write down, put in writing, jot down, note down, make a note of;
  • 2.1 we set down some rules
    formulate, draw up, establish, frame;
    lay down, determine, fix, stipulate, specify, prescribe, impose, ordain
  • 3.1 I set it down to the fact that he was drunk
    attribute, put down, ascribe, assign, chalk up;
    blame on, impute
  • set forth
    you have set forth a very credible argument
    present, describe, set out, detail, delineate, explain, expound;
    state, declare, announce;
    set free
    the hostages were set free just minutes ago
    release, free, let go, turn loose, let out, liberate, deliver, emancipate
    set in
    bad weather set in
    begin, start, arrive, come, develop
    set off
  • 1.1 they set off for America with nothing but the clothes on their backs
    set out, start out, sally forth, leave, depart, embark, set sail
    informal hit the road
  • 2.1 the bomb was set off
    detonate, explode, blow up, touch off, trigger;
  • 3.1 it set off a wave of protest
    give rise to, cause, lead to, set in motion, occasion, bring about, initiate, precipitate, prompt, trigger (off), spark (off), touch off, provoke, incite
  • 4.1 the blue dress set off her auburn hair
    enhance, bring out, emphasize, show off, throw into relief;
  • set on/upon
    the relentless Cossacks set upon village after village
    attack, assail, assault, hit, strike, beat, thrash, pummel, wallop, set about, fall on
    informal lay into, lace into, let someone have it, work over, rough up, knock about/around, have a go at, beat up on, light into
    set one's heart on
    I think she's set her heart on the orange kitten
    want desperately, wish for, desire, long for, yearn for, hanker after, ache for, hunger for, thirst for, burn for
    informal be itching for, be dying for
    set out
  • 1.1 he set out early
    set off, start out, sally forth, leave, depart, embark, set sail
    informal hit the road
  • 2.1 the gifts were set out on tables
    arrange, lay out, put out, array, dispose, display, exhibit
  • 3.1 they set out some guidelines
    present, set forth, detail;
    state, declare, announce;
    submit, put forward, advance, propose, propound
  • 4.1 you've done what you set out to do
    aim, intend, mean, seek;
    hope, aspire, want
  • set up
  • 1.1 his father set him up in business
    establish, finance, fund, back, subsidize
  • 2.1 informal she set him up for Newley's murder
    falsely incriminate, frame, entrap
  • 3.1 a monument to her memory was set up
  • 4.1 she set up her own business
  • 5.1 set up a meeting
    arrange, organize, fix (up), schedule, timetable, line up
  • 6.1 set up a committee
    establish, form
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    Synonyms of set in English:

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    set 2


  • 1 a set of color postcards
    group, collection, series;
    assortment, selection, compendium, batch, number;
    arrangement, array
  • 2 the literary set
    informal gang, bunch
  • 3 a chemistry set
    kit, apparatus, equipment, outfit
  • 4 a set of china
  • 5 the set of his shoulders
    posture, position, cast, attitude;
    bearing, carriage
  • 6 a set for the play
    scenery, setting, backdrop, flats;
    mise en scène
  • 7 the band played two sets
    session, time;
    stretch, bout, round
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    Synonyms of set in English:

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    set 3


  • 1 a set routine
    fixed, established, predetermined, hard and fast, prearranged, prescribed, specified, defined;
    unvarying, unchanging, invariable, unvaried, rigid, inflexible, cast-iron, strict, ironclad, settled, predictable;
    [Antonyms] variable, changing
  • 2 she had set ideas
    inflexible, rigid, fixed, firm, deep-rooted, deep-seated, ingrained, entrenched
    [Antonyms] flexible
  • 3 he had a set speech for such occasions
    stock, standard, routine, rehearsed, well worn, formulaic, conventional
    [Antonyms] original, fresh
  • 4 I was all set for the evening
    ready, prepared, organized, equipped, primed
    informal geared up, psyched up
    [Antonyms] unprepared
  • 5 he's set on marrying her
    determined to, intent on, bent on, hell-bent on, resolute about, insistent about
    [Antonyms] uncertain
  • 6 you were dead set against the idea
    opposed to, averse to, hostile to, resistant to, antipathetic to, unsympathetic to
    informal anti
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