Synonyms of sheer in English:



  • 1 the sheer audacity of the plan
  • 2 a sheer drop
    precipitous, steep, vertical, perpendicular, abrupt, bluff, sharp
    [Antonyms] gradual
  • 3 a sheer dress
    diaphanous, gauzy, filmy, floaty, gossamer, thin, translucent, transparent, see-through, insubstantial
    [Antonyms] thick
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    Pronunciation: ˌɪmpjʊˈdɪsɪti
    lack of modesty

    Synonyms of sheer in English:



  • 1 the boat sheered off from the landing
    swerve, veer, slew, skew, swing, change course
  • 2 her mind sheered away from his image
    turn away from, flinch from, recoil from, shy away from; avoid
  • Definition of sheer in: