Synonyms of shot in English:



  • 1 a shot rang out
    bang, crack, blast;
  • 2 the cannons have run out of shot
  • 3 the winning shot
    stroke, hit, strike;
    kick, throw, pitch, lob
  • 4 Mike was an excellent shot
    marksman, markswoman, shooter
  • 5 a shot of us on holiday
    photograph, photo, snap, snapshot, picture, print, slide, still
  • 6 informal it's nice to get a shot at driving
    turn, chance, opportunity
    informal go, stab, crack
    formal essay
  • 7 tetanus shots
    injection, inoculation, immunization, vaccination, booster
    informal jab, needle
  • Phrases

    a shot in the arm

    informal the new sidewalks and landscaping have been a shot in the arm to downtown commerce
    boost, tonic, stimulus, spur, impetus, encouragement

    a shot in the dark

    my answer was just a shot in the dark
    (wild) guess, surmise, supposition, conjecture, speculation

    like a shot

    informal when they called his name he ran on to the stage like a shot
    without hesitation, unhesitatingly, eagerly, enthusiastically;
    immediately, at once, right away/now, straightaway, instantly, instantaneously, without delay
    informal in/like a flash

    long shot

  • 1 it's a long shot, but you could win big
    gamble, venture, speculation, risk, chance, outside chance
  • 2 he was the long shot in the sprint
    underdog, dark horse, weaker one, little guy, David
  • not by a long shot

    he is not yet out of the woods, not by a long shot
    by no (manner of) means, not at all, in no way, certainly not, absolutely not, definitely not

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