Synonyms of shoulder in English:



  • 1 he shouldered the burden
    take on (oneself), undertake, accept, assume; bear, carry
  • 2 another kid shouldered him aside
  • Phrases

    give the cold shoulder

    ever since Deke's party, Linnie has been giving me the cold shouldersnubshunignorerebuffspurnostracizecut out informalfreeze out

    put one's shoulder to the wheel

    it's time to stop talking and start putting your shoulder to the wheelget (down) to workapply oneselfset to workbuckle downroll up one's sleeveswork hardbe diligentbe industriousexert oneself

    shoulder to shoulder

  • 1.1 the regiment lined up shoulder to shoulder
    side by side, abreast, alongside (each other)
  • 2.1 he fought shoulder to shoulder with the others
    united, (working) together, jointly, in partnership, in collaboration, in cooperation, side by side, in alliance
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