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Synonyms of sign in English:


  • 1 a sign of affection
  • 2 a sign of things to come
    promise, threat
  • 3 at his sign the soldiers followed
    gesture, signal, wave, gesticulation, cue, nod
  • 4 he read the sign on the wall
    notice, signpost, signboard, warning sign, road sign, traffic sign, guidepost, marquee
  • 5 the dancers were daubed with signs
    symbol, mark, cipher, letter, character, figure, hieroglyph, ideogram, rune, emblem, device, logo
  • verb

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  • 1 he signed the letter
    write one's name on, autograph, endorse, initial, countersign, ink
    formal subscribe
  • 2 the government signed the agreement
    endorse, validate, certify, authenticate, sanction, authorize;
    agree to, approve, ratify, adopt, give one's approval to
    informal give something the go-ahead, give something the green light, give something the thumbs up
  • 3 he signed his name
    write, inscribe, pen
  • 4 we have signed a new player
    recruit, hire, engage, employ, take on, appoint, sign on/up, enlist
  • 5 she signed to Susan to leave See signal1 (sense 1 of the verb)
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    See emblem

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    sign, augury, indication, manifestation, omen, signal, symptom, token
    What's the difference between a sign and a signal? The former (in this sense) is a general term for anything that gives evidence of an event, a mood, a quality of character, a mental or physical state, or a trace of something ( a sign of approaching rain; a sign of good breeding; a sign that someone has entered the house). While a sign may be involuntary or even unconscious, a signal is always voluntary and is usually deliberate. A ship that shows signs of distress may or may not be in trouble; but one that sends a distress signal is definitely in need of help. Indication, like sign, is a comprehensive term for anything that serves to indicate or point out ( he gave no indication that he was lying). A manifestation is an outward or perceptible indication of something ( the letter was a manifestation of his guilt), and a symptom is an indication of a diseased condition ( a symptom of pneumonia). An object that proves the existence of something abstract is called a token ( she gave him a locket as a token of her love). Omen and augury both pertain to foretelling future events, with augury being the general term for a prediction of the future and omen being a definite sign foretelling good or evil ( they regarded the stormy weather as a bad omen).


    sign on/up
  • 1.1 I signed up with Will's committee to raise money for the school library
    enlist, take a job, join (up), enroll, register, volunteer
  • 2.1 the Yankees have signed on a new right fielder See sense 4 of the verb
  • sign over
    he signed over the business to his children
    transfer, make over, hand over, bequeath, pass on, transmit, cede;
    Law  devolve, convey
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