Synonyms of sing in English:



  • 1 the choir began to sing
    croon, carol, trill, chant, intone, chorus
    informal belt out
  • 2 the birds were singing
    warble, trill, chirp, chirrup, cheep, peep
  • 3 Rudy sang out a greeting
    call (out), cry (out), shout, yell
    informal holler
  • 4 informal he's going to sing to the police
    inform (on someone), confess
    informal squeal, rat on someone, blow the whistle on someone, snitch (on someone), narc (on someone), finger someone, fink on someone
  • Reflections


    This word encompasses the unpitched guttural tones of death metal, the wailing of Screamin' Jay Hawkins (a trained opera singer), the speak-singing of Rex Harrison, and the extended vocal techniques of Joan LaBarbara. Rapping and talking blues are usually considered a separate musical activity, but toasting, the high-pitched rhythmic chant on one note associated with Jamaican pop, would qualify. The gray area is wide, and fertile.
    Stephin Merritt

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