Synonyms of single in English:



  • 1 a single red rose
    one (only), sole, lone, solitary, by itself/oneself, unaccompanied, alone
    [Antonyms] double
  • 2 she wrote down every single word
    individual, separate, distinct, particular, last
  • 3 is she single?
    unmarried, unwed, unwedded, unattached, free, a bachelor, a spinster; partnerless, husbandless, wifeless; separated, divorced, widowed
    informal solo
    [Antonyms] married
  • verb

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    (single out)
  • 1.1 her watercolors were singled out by the judges
    select, pick out, choose, decide on; target, earmark, mark out, separate out, set apart/aside
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    monomania obsession with a single thing

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