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Synonyms of sit in English:


  • 1 here, sit on the comfy chair
    take a seat, seat oneself, be seated, perch, ensconce oneself, plump oneself, flop
    informaltake the load/weight off one's feet, plunk oneself, take a load off
    [Antonyms] stand
  • 2 she sat the package on the table
    put (down), place, set (down), lay, deposit, rest, stand
    informalstick, dump, park, plunk
    [Antonyms] lift
  • 3 the church sat about 3,000 people
    hold, seat, have seats for, have space/room for, accommodate
  • 4 she sat for Picasso
    pose, model
  • 5 a hotel sitting on the mountain
    be situated, be located, be sited, stand
  • 6 the committee sits on Saturday
    be in session, meet, be convened
  • 7 women jurists sit on the tribunal
    serve on, have a seat on, be a member of
  • 8 his shyness doesn't sit easily with Hollywood tradition
    be harmonious, go, fit in, harmonize
  • 9 Mrs. Hillman will sit for us
  • Phrases

    sit back

    sit back and listen to the music
    relax, unwind, lie back
    informallet it all hang out, veg out, hang loose, chill (out), chillax, take a load off

    sit in for

    I'll be sitting in for Tim while he's away
    stand in for, fill in for, cover for, substitute for
    informalsub for

    sit in on

    you're welcome to sit in on any of your son's classes
    attend, be present at, be an observer at, observe, audit

    sit tight

  • 1.1 just sit tight while I call your parents
    stay put, wait there, remain in one's place
  • 2.1 we're advising our clients to sit tight
    take no action, wait, hold back, bide one's time
  • Definition of sit in:

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