Synonyms of skin in English:



  • 1 these chemicals could damage the skin
    epidermis, dermis, derma
  • 2 Mary's fair skin
    complexion, coloring, skin color/tone, pigmentation
  • 3 leopard skins
    hide, pelt, fleece
    historical plew
    archaic fell
  • 4 a banana skin
  • 5 milk with a skin on it
    film, layer, membrane
  • 6 the plane's skin was damaged
    casing, exterior
  • verb

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  • 1 skin the tomatoes
    peel, pare, hull
    technical decorticate
  • 2 he skinned his knee
    graze, scrape, abrade, bark, rub raw, chafe; Medicineexcoriate
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    cutaneous relating to or affecting the skin
    subcutaneous situated or applied under the skin
    dermatology the branch of medicine concerned with skin disorders


    by the skin of one's teeth

    he won, but only by the skin of his teeth(only) justnarrowlybarelyby a hair's breadthby a very small margin informalby a whisker

    get under someone's skin

  • 1.1 the children really got under my skin See irritate (sense 1)
  • 2.1 she got under my skin
    obsess, intrigue, captivate, charm; enthrall, enchant, entrance
  • it's no skin off my nose

    informal if you want to go swimming in that icy water, it's no skin off my noseI don't careI don't mindI'm not botheredit doesn't bother meit doesn't matter to me informalI don't give a damnI couldn't/could care less

    skin alive

    informal Dad would skin me alive if I forgot itpunish severely informalmurdercome down on (like a ton of bricks)give what for

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