Synonyms of slip in English:

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slip 1


  • 1 she slipped on the ice
    slide, skid, glide;
    fall (over), lose one's balance, tumble
  • 2 the envelope slipped through Luke's fingers
    fall, drop, slide
  • 3 we slipped out by a back door
    creep, steal, sneak, slide, sidle, slope, slink, tiptoe
  • 4 standards have slipped
    decline, deteriorate, degenerate, worsen, get worse, fall (off), drop
    informalgo downhill, go to the dogs, go to pot
  • 5 the stock index slipped 30 points
    drop, go down, sink, slump, decrease, depreciate
  • 6 the hours slipped by
    pass, elapse, go by/past, roll by/past, fly by/past, tick by/past
  • 7 she slipped the map into her pocket
    put, tuck, shove
    informalpop, stick, stuff
  • 8 Sarah slipped into a black skirt
    put on, pull on, don, dress/clothe oneself in;
    change into
  • 9 she slipped out of her clothes
    take off, remove, pull off, doff, peel off
  • 10 he slipped the knot of his tie
    untie, unfasten, undo
  • noun

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  • 1 a single slip could send them plummeting downward
    false step, misstep, slide, skid, fall, tumble
  • 2 a careless slip
    oversight, omission, lapse, inaccuracy;
    slip of the tongue/pen, eggcorn
    informalslip-up, boo-boo, howler, goof, blooper
  • 3 a silk slip
    underskirt, petticoat
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    give someone the slip

    informal we gave Murphy the slip and headed for the docks
    escape from, get away from, evade, dodge, elude, lose, shake off, throw off (the scent), get clear of

    let something slip

    who let it slip that we were hiding here?
    reveal, disclose, divulge, let out, give away, blurt out;
    informallet on, blab, let the cat out of the bag, spill the beans

    slip away

  • 1.1 they managed to slip away
    escape, get away, break free
    informalfly the coop, take a powder
  • 2.1 she slipped away in her sleep See die (sense 1)
  • slip up

    informal Hennie slipped up and left the corral open
    make a mistake, (make a) blunder, get something wrong, make an error, err
    informalmake a boo-boo, goof up

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    Synonyms of slip in English:

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    slip 2


  • 1 they took slips from rare plants
    scion, shoot, offshoot
  • Phrases

    a slip of a ——

    she's just a slip of a girl
    small, slender, slim, slight, slightly built, petite, little, tiny, diminutive

    slip of paper

    each person takes one slip of paper from the hat
    piece of paper, scrap of paper, sheet, note

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