Synonyms of smash in English:



  • 1 he smashed a window
    informal bust
  • 2 she's smashed the car
    crash, wreck, write off
    informal total
  • 3 they smashed into a wall
    crash into, collide with, hit, strike, ram, smack into, slam into, plow into, run into, bump into, impact
  • 4 Don smashed him over the head
    informal whack, bash, bop, clout, wallop, crown, slug
  • 5 he smashed their hopes of glory
    informal put the kibosh on, scuttle
  • noun

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  • 1 the smash of glass
    breaking, shattering, crash
  • 2 it was a terrible smash
  • 3 informal a box-office smash
    success, sensation, sellout, triumph
    informal (smash) hit, blockbuster, winner, knockout, wow, barn burner, biggie
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